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‘Brexit, Brexit, Brexit,’ Mark Davies tells Spear’s of clients’ concerns. ‘Obviously the political uncertainty in the UK is causing some problems, mainly because foreign domiciliaries need a stable tax regime and immigration rules to make long-term decisions – and they feel a change in government could lead to further changes in tax and immigration law.’

Aside from the potential chaos, Davies is happy to report another ‘excellent year’ for his firm: ‘Our best year financially, and already we are in double-digit growth.’

‘We are a firm of chartered tax advisers focused exclusively on individuals, trustees and their advisers,’ he says of the boutique. ‘Most people do not know the difference between tax planning, tax avoidance and tax evasion – and neither does the government. Many of my friends criticise me because I help rich people pay less tax. But I fundamentally believe in the rule of law and that nobody should be compelled to pay more than the law allows. So I usually describe my job as problem solving; much of my job is making sure that my clients avoid being taxed in more than one jurisdiction.’

Davies describes himself as the ‘energy business’ of his offering: ‘It’s my job to energise the team to excel in our core values. We aim to be the boutique of choice for UHNWs, attracting the best talent to work with us – including staff in the management of the firm.’