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A stalwart member of the Family Law Bar and a silk since 2001, Lucy Stone’s recent work shows the remarkable breadth of her skills. One case involved assets in excess of £500 million and ‘just about every complex area of family law’, including overseas trusts and special contribution. Meanwhile, a case in Gibraltar required ‘the untangling of a hugely valuable corporate structure’.

‘Family law requires an ability to bring legal order into the emotional maelstrom which is family breakdown,’ Stone tells Spear’s. With more than 30 years’ experience, she is well placed to note that ‘nothing is ever black and white’. As a barrister, she says her role requires ‘a willingness to listen, an acute eye for detail and a comprehensive knowledge of multiple areas of law’.

Stone has navigated cohabitation disputes, Inheritance Act claims, disputes between unmarried parents, child relocation cases, and matters involving fine details of Jewish and Sharia law. Her expertise is not limited to the courts in England and Wales, as she also regularly advises in Hong Kong.

One solicitor who recently instructed Stone extols her ‘outstanding advocacy and confidence at court’, adding: ‘Lucy understands people and the law very quickly and is a reliably hard worker and communicator. The combination is extremely powerful.’