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One of the best-known agents in London, Hewlett is as respected for her discretion as she is for her enviable contacts book — and her mantra. ‘I never talk about what I do,’ she says. ‘This is the first time I’ve ever discussed it. I’m not going to give you details or examples, because the people one looks after just don’t want that.’

A 36-year veteran of the prime central London market, the skilled negotiator began her career in the Gulf, where she managed an Abu Dhabi royal’s rental portfolio, back when expats were barred from ownership.

Returning to London in her early twenties, Hewlett joined Aylesford International, working her way up to managing director over 33 years at the firm. She set out on her own as a buying agent in 2014, to offer the very best of all that she had learned.

‘You can choose what you take on,’ she says. ‘I am very keen to make sure that I’m never going to over-expand, and I literally only take on what I know that I can look after, and give the very best service.’

Much has changed — even in that short space of time: ‘There are very few transactions that take place, really truthfully in excess of £20 million. That’s the top of the market now.’

Hewlett says it wasn’t long ago that £20 million was the domestic range, and she was handling transactions of £50 million up to £120 million. ‘The world has changed. London has changed,’ she adds. ‘You don’t need to spend that kind of money to get a good house now — and stamp duty is horrific. Everybody wants to live in London — but London became extremely expensive. People are just saying, “Look, it’s got to stop.”’