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Louise Hewlett
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Louise Hewlett started her own firm in 2014, and it epitomises boutique. ‘A lot of people don’t want to go to the big corporate firms,’ she says. ‘With smaller specialists you are able to give that level of personal service that a big organisation simply can’t.

Hewlett is overwhelmingly positive: ‘We have the certainty of a Conservative government for the next five years, Brexit is organised, and London is back to being a place where people want to be,’ she says. People who have been sitting on the fence will be taking the plunge, she says. ‘This means that properties will get sold – what it doesn’t mean is the vendors should believe London is going to spike in value.’

Looking to the future, Hewlett believes the rise of the internet means that boutique agencies are now more important than ever. Online agencies, where you can practically get through the entire buying process without having any human contact, are gaining in popularity, but Hewlett anticipates pushback: ‘This is going to create a bigger market for the boutique agents, because when you’re buying a home at huge value, you’re going to want to have that person on the end of the phone.’

Personalised services are also particularly important in the super-prime market, she adds.