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Lisa Spearman
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Lisa Spearman decided she wanted to work in tax at the age of 13, undertaking numerous internships to ensure her dream came true.

Now an expert on the tax consequences of offshore trusts and residence and domicile issues, Spearman leads Mercer & Hole’s specialist team, which focuses on closely attending to non-UK-domiciled clients. ‘I maintain, as ever, that the best way forward is to understand your clients’ needs and then help them adjust their arrangements
to meet those needs,’ she says. ‘Tax is a part of the overall plan but is not the sole driver.’

One of the greatest trials of the job is ‘dealing with the red tape and non-tax compliance requirements which are onerous and can be in conflict with tax law’, she explains. There is too much law and insufficient HMRC resources to manage the changes, she adds. ‘The legislation is insufficiently scrutinised and there are examples where it simply does not work as intended but it cannot easily be changed.’

As for the upcoming government review on IHT law, Spearman is hopeful that what is being considered ‘will eliminate the patchwork nature of the law while retaining the elements that are well understood’.