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Khaled Said

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Khaled Said
Wealth Managers 2018
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Top Ten UHNW Wealth Managers

Khaled Said is the founder of Capital Generation Partners – a highly refined business with deep knowledge on the needs of UHNWs. ‘The challenge that we all face is that it’s a competitive process to win a mandate, so there is this prisoner’s dilemma around what do you say to your prospect,’ he says.

Said has gained a top reputation by playing it with a straight bat: ‘He is just an absolutely quality individual,’ says an industry insider. His firm not only shares
its knowledge, it also has superb relationships with trustees, accountants and lawyers. ‘We are top quartile in all returns when measured against STEP or ARC,’ says Said.

He has taken the decision not to dilute the offering: it remains absolutely high-end and his reputation is such that he can afford to trust to the quality of his business. ‘We like having referees in the room, so long as they know what they’re doing,’ he says.

He welcomes the well-educated next gen and notes that the young repeatedly choose the firm’s finely tuned services: ‘We tend to find they’re very diligent. Some people say, “We’re not going to judge you for three years.” And they really live by those rules. We also have a lot of female clients… they are confident in outsourcing investment management to us as a third party.”’

This is a business which, Said says, ‘takes the anxiety out of wealth management’.