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Kate Leppard

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Kate Leppard
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Lots of wealth managers talk about the ‘long term’, which can be short-hand for half a decade or so – about the same amount of time the manager holds down a particular job. But Kate Leppard, who heads up the private client team at Cazenove Capital, is looking way ahead.

For her, the real value of a wealth manager is in their ability to recognise the needs of future generations. Her clients have increasingly complex investments, and much of her work revolves around ensuring that they’re investing within regulated structures and abiding by specific, multi-jurisdictional tax guidelines.

Leppard started her investment career in 1987 at Quilter Goodison and has been at Cazenove since 1990. This gives her an interesting perspective on current prices: ‘Nothing can be described as particularly cheap at the moment.’ Nevertheless, she sees exciting opportunities in Asia, an area that hinges on a wealth manager’s ability to navigate issues such as ‘US-China trade wars, North Korea, or a change in government in any number of countries’.

Long-term, she sees multiple potential threats to her clients’ wealth. ‘Regulation, technology and different tax demands all take time, and if you aren’t careful they can deflect you from looking after your clients,’ she says. She directs her team ‘to look through the noise and focus on the macro fundamentals and company prospects’.