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Judith Poller
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Top Seven US Based Family Lawyers

‘The lawyer of choice for notable HNWs – ‘My clients are high-end because my billing rate is high,’ she says – Judith Poller has acted for Scarlett Johansson and Drew Barrymore, among others. ‘Privacy is a huge concern to my celebrity clients,’ she notes. ‘People are so interested in their lives and the fact that they’re going through a divorce only makes them more interesting. I do my best to make sure that their divorce doesn’t play out in the press.’ Poller, dubbed ‘the Hollywood Troubleshooter’ in the US press, began practising family law after a stint volunteering at a shelter for victims of domestic violence. ‘I thought I would be of more help with a law degree,’ she says. ‘I do everything from prenuptial agreements to paternity suits, divorce, cohabitation issues: the whole gamut.’ The co-head of Pryor Cashman’s Family Law Group strives to make divorce as simple and painless as possible for clients. ‘People rarely file for divorce in haste,’ she says. ‘By the time they are sitting in my office, they usually want out.’ However, Poller adds, clients often want to push things to trial without fully understanding all the implications. ‘People pay me a lot of money to give them advice, and then they don’t want to hear it,’ she confides.