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Savills’ jocular head of London residential sales was in good spirits during his catch-up with Spear’s, noting that the property market does seem to have ‘turned the corner’ after experiencing a ‘tough and declining market’ for five years.

‘It hasn’t turned into a boom, but what I would call a standard marketplace,’ he cautions, as he observes that buyers are still not willing to pay ‘tomorrow’s price today’. ‘Whilst we think we’re in a stronger market, don’t go mad.’

He is happy to see sellers emerge, but says stock level is still low. ‘But clients who have been sitting on the fence are now coming forward to say, “Right, this is the year we move.”’

Hewlett, a property juggernaut with close to 30 years’ experience, remains ‘available 24/7’ to help vendors navigate the market. He says Savills is successful in operating its private office arm as a means to meet burgeoning global client demands, as they become more complex and sophisticated.

He enjoys hearing about London’s lasting appeal, which is music to his ears during his travels to places such as India and the Caribbean. ‘You learn much more why people love London… They’ll say, “We love London because of its culture, its restaurants, its food, its education.” In the summer we even had “we love the rain”! We find that one difficult to understand, but it’s comforting.’