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Jonathan Hewlett
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When Spear’s caught up with Jonathan Hewlett, he was in confident mood: ‘Without sounding cocky, we’ve had a good 2017, with better than expected results. We’ve been involved in the super-prime market in over 125 sales north of £5 million, which gives a total value of £1.4 billion.’

Impressive as that sounds, Hewlett is also mindful that it’s been a tough time, with the stamp duty hikes still causing a chilly market. On the other hand, he’s confident about Brexit: ‘Some things have been agreed, which is giving confidence to the banks.’

So what kind of market do we have? Hewlett says it’s still a ‘needs-based market, which is driven by business and education’, and he’s ‘known much worse markets’. On the international front, he explains: ‘There’s no one major player: south-east Asia are definitely still strong investors in new-build. They’re purchasing off-plan a year in advance, and we’re seeing a steady flow of reservations and exchanges.’

In the upper end of the market, he adds, ‘good premiums are still being paid for new, but they have to be finished or close to finished in the current climate.’

In his spare time, Hewlett has a house in France, where he goes to switch off. ‘But all my clients are there,’ he adds, laughing.