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Fresh from dealing with the fallout from the BHS pensions scandal, Hawker has no intention of slowing down. In the past 12 months he has lent his expertise to similarly thorny issues such as a recent crisis at the Institute of Directors and contentious fights between business partners. Increasingly, Hawker has geared his practice towards HNWs where he is keen to help them avoid ‘increasing exposure through the family courts’. Hawker is unusually candid about the problems of the industry, recognising that there is a proliferation of ‘misguided’ injunctions and saying their frivolous use might be counterproductive: ‘It’s far more use to be pragmatic and try to sort the core issues.’ A former journalist himself, Hawker has a nuanced view of the relationship between the press and the objects of their attention. When asked about the recent Sir Cliff Richard case, he notes that ‘the public has a right to see justice being served’ but there is a ‘free-for-all’ period between someone being arrested and charged with a crime. Having someone on your side who can go beyond damage limitation to address the underlying problem is an essential component of a public relations team.