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Jonathan Harington
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When asked about his USP, Harington replies: ‘Old age. It is age and experience, no one comes close to us on that in terms of our knowledge and background.’ He adds: ‘I’ve been a buying agent since 1986. I don’t know anybody that’s been in the business as long as I have.’

The charming Harington has almost 41 years’ experience, having spent twenty years at Lane Fox establishing its buying side. He was later headhunted by Knight Frank to set up its acquisition arm before he decided to found Haringtons in 2004.

The former Coldstream Guardsman, described by his contemporary as ‘a bastion of discretion’, has a high regard for exclusivity when dealing with clients, which he feels some agents fail to honour.

‘If for one second you thought I was having the same conversation with three other people you’d go utterly ballistic,’ he told Spear’s last year. ‘That is what’s happening [with some agents] and it’s a major issue. A lot of agents are taking on people looking for the same property.’

He is also straightforward about where he can add value for a client: ‘We will never try to do anything that we cannot do; we’ll never take on a client we cannot fulfil. I know buying agents who pretend they can buy in the country and I hear some terrible stories.’