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Jonathan Gage
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With a background in accounting and corporate finance, Jonathan Gage wanted to use his experience managing risk for the benefit of private wealth clients. ‘Having learnt the skills of what advice is all about,’ he says he was attracted to ‘the structuring, the investment, and the focus on the individual’ in wealth management.

This has led to the firm Gage founded, Keystone Advisers, which is only in its third year but has already proven a powerful force in the industry.

His services are concentrated around helping with two interrelated issues. The first is that ‘many families struggle with the emotional issue of succession and planning for the future’, which Gage can help to ‘lead clients through’. The second is his knowledge of how to ‘evolve and develop the family business’. Gage argues that, at times, ‘all families have difficulties’, so having the right adviser at the right time can help them ‘find a way that keeps them in the right space but at the same time remind them of the future to look forward to’.

This positive attitude has meant business is booming. The firm’s client base ‘is largely related to land’, which entails a ‘wide variety of enterprises’ and has meant Gage must always be on hand to offer flexible, tailored advice. Although a small and growing firm, Keystone Advisers is quickly making itself indispensable to families in need of a guiding hand.