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Jonathan Gage
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Jonathan Gage is the guiding light every HNW needs, especially when complicated family affairs are involved. A chartered accountant and a fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment, the founder of Keystone Family Advisers knows how to cut through the complexity of multi-generational families and

provide them with simple solutions to succession planning. ‘[I’ve] learnt the skills of what advice is all about,’ says Gage, who also has a corporate finance background.

After four years of life, the advisory firm is booming. Gage, who looks after clients who are ‘largely related to land’, is proud of the type of high-touch service Keystone can offer wealthy individuals, largely due to the independence it exercises as a boutique. ‘We live in a world where advice is influenced by what a corporatist organisation wants
its advisers to do,’ he recently told an industry commentator.

Keystone is quickly making its name in family office services. Our research reveals that the firm’s flexible approach to dealing with what Gage calls ‘the emotional issue of succession and planning for the future’, as well as helping families ‘evolve and develop the family business’, makes it indispensable to a wide range of HNWs.