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Jonathan Conder
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Jonathan Conder is one of the longest-standing partners at Macfarlanes. His role is dedicated to developing the international tax and trust arena for the business in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America, but with the Far East as a focus for expansion.

‘I act for individuals, trustees and families where there is a cross-border element,’ says Conder. ‘The bulk of my practice is for people whose homes, assets or families are partly in one jurisdiction and partly in one or more others. More often than not they have a UK connection.’

His clients are typically entrepreneurial first-generation wealth creators, but he has been in the business long enough to see clients through the process of passing on their wealth to children.

Conder is helping one family office change jurisdiction – a decision driven not by price, but by reputation and disclosure. ‘There is a flight to quality,’ he says. ‘I’d rather get the client to pay a bit more to be in a jurisdiction with a higher reputation that is accepted by the global financial community.’

He cites the Bahamas as one offshore financial centre that has been burned by failing to ‘clean itself up’. ‘I love doing business there,’ he says. ‘But I am worried about the number of structures that are leaving.’