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Jonathan Conder
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‘My transitional year!’ says the irrepressible Jonathan Conder, who speaks to Spear’s fresh from his senior partner appraisal.

The retrospective has clearly galvanised him. Last year he handed on the head of department baton to Piers Barclay, and Conder has plunged himself into a dizzying round of client activity: ‘I’ve picked up half a dozen families, all over a billion each, and I’ve been very fully engaged. Besides, sometimes clients who are much less wealthy produce much more work.’

Conder reflects on 2017, the year of the snap election and budget confusion: ‘Looking back, it was chaotic, but all we could say to clients was, “Don’t do anything.” You have to be honest with clients.’ In the end, of course, the second Finance Act went through, which teed up a busy second half of the year: ‘It was a game of two halves.’

Conder seems philosophical about the Requirement to Correct. ‘I think they’ve realised it was a bit tough for everybody… they will undoubtedly make examples of people. But clients have proper warning on this.’

It’s impossible not to get a sense of a man rejuvenated. ‘I’ve always been on internal committees, and done pretty much every job that’s going. Now it’s full-on full-facing client work.’