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Top Seven US Family Lawyers

Several UK lawyers have recommended John Teitler, who is the go-to for some of New York’s most complex financial cases. Teitler, whose father and grandfather set up the boutique in the Sixties, is an expert in asset allocation, having had experience of litigating in the financial services sphere. He says New York’s discovery process is superior to that of London or other US jurisdictions. ‘It allows the opportunity for lawyers to better understand the facts of a matter and advise their clients with a greater degree of clarity and certainty,’ he says. He admires the way the Bezos case has settled without conflict, and says it should serve as an example to family lawyers worldwide. ‘Reasonable lawyers meeting together should be able to resolve issues and come up with compromises, while there are understandable reasons why some cases don’t settle other than simply lawyers being too aggressive. At the same time, there are some practitioners who are more aggressive than others, and some of them needlessly so.’ The firm has advised and represented domestic and foreign individuals and entities in family law, trusts and estates and commercial matters. This includes settlement and trial of UHNW matrimonial actions involving complex financial, business valuation, and custody issues, and the negotiation of prenups and postnups.