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Jeremy Vaughan

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Jeremy Vaughan
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Hampden & Co became the UK’s newest private bank – the first for three decades – when founded in 2015. Its short history has been defined by a decision to eschew wealth management or general investment advice to focus firmly on offering personal, professional banking services to its HNW clients and their families.

This modus operandi is working, says managing director Jeremy Vaughan: ‘Our approach has led to many who work in areas such as wealth management, investment advice, law and accountancy to transfer their banking to us, as they understand the value of specialist expertise, and welcome the convenience that a private banking relationship offers.’

Vaughan, whose career has taken him from NatWest to Hill Samuel Bank to Adam & Company, where he was a banking director for more than 15 years, adds that the bank makes arrangements for each individual client, their family and their other commercial interests. ‘By understanding the unique circumstances of every client, you can create bespoke arrangements for them,’ Vaughan explains. ‘This tailored approach is difficult for larger organisations who look to automate the management of clients as much as possible. We do not use codified credit models to make our lending decisions.’