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Jeremy Knowland
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‘We’re not trying to be all things to all people,’ a cheery Jeremy Knowland tells Spear’s, recalling that fateful day three years ago when Brexit became a reality. ‘We got across to our entire client base by 11.30 in the morning. That ability to react is an enormous differentiator to others.’ By focusing solely on a UHNW clientele, Citi’s wealth management arm is able to offer its services at a speed and mobility that belies the bank’s scale. A client will at a minimum have three people supporting them, depending on the client’s individual needs.

That team can then include other specialists – for example, a dedicated trader for those clients who wish to be more active in markets or other specialists in lending, banking or linked to Citi’s investment Lab – an independent team that analyses portfolios. Knowland is increasingly seeing clients look for a ‘global proposition’.

Clients who are UK-centric today, for example, might find that interests become newly globalised as future generations come of age.‘The global component for this universe is getting more important, he explains. ‘Clients will want to be structured through multiple jurisdictions.’ Despite Brexit dramas showing no signs of abating,

Knowland is relieved to report that it isn’t biting as much as one might think. ‘The reality of Brexit for UK clients is it’s less of an issue than potential continued political uncertainty or a general election,’ he says.