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Jeremy Gordon
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Top Six Contentious Trust Lawyers

‘Very lively, very busy,’ is Farrer’s partner Jeremy Gordon’s description of his year, citing an increase in domestic wills disputes and inheritance tax claims.

Why is that work on the increase? ‘Well, people prepare wills and trusts which they expect to stand up to scrutiny and sometimes human nature intervenes: families falling out, allegations of undue influence – and, more and more, capacity issues,’ Gordon explains.

Such cases reflect, of course, an ageing population – and the increasingly drawn-out process
of ageing itself. ‘When people
get old, it’s a slow and uneven process and the law doesn’t really deal with that grey area when people become vulnerable and suggestible,’ he says. In such instances, undue influence can arise – but the law sets a high bar for that. ‘It’s difficult when advising,’ Gordon admits.

‘These disputes tend to bring out the worst in people,’ he adds. ‘Those who are otherwise measured and well educated
turn into absolute monsters.’

Gordon regularly works in jurisdictions such as Cayman, New Zealand, Jersey and Guernsey. He also has some high-profile cases to his name, including the Supreme Court
case of FHR Europe Ventures LLP and others v Cedar Capital Partners LLC and Others.
He was also involved in the ongoing litigation relating to Sergei Pugachev.