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Jenny Afia
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Jenny Afia’s appetite for the job is undiminished. Over a herbal tea in the Coral Room, she confides: ‘I still have goals. I want two of the world’s most influential women in particular as my clients.’ And why should a leading light at Schillings aim low? ‘I am lucky enough to work with some of the world’s most successful people.

Despite all their resources, I see how distressing unfair attacks on reputation can be.’ Afia notes an increase in instructions from the banking sector, thanks to the increasingly onerous international compliance process. As ever, she tigerishly defends her clients’ interests: ‘False rumours and inaccurate reporting can cause individuals significant difficulty in opening or maintaining banking services, attracting investment and the ability to travel freely,’ she says.

One particular concern is what she calls the ‘automation of due diligence processes’: ‘The migration of journalistic content from print to online has created an easily accessible and uncensored encyclopaedia of information.’ Afia is also a member of the Children’s Commissioner’s Task Force on Growing Up in the Digital Age and on the board of the Arts Depot, an award-winning arts centre in North London. This is already one of the greats