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Jenny Afia
Jenny Afia
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A former Spear’s Reputation Lawyer of the Year, Jenny Afia acts for the most recognisable faces among the ‘superstars and super-rich’ that Schillings counts as clients. It’s certainly been a ‘busy’ few years for her and them. Afia downplays the hardcharging approach the firm first became famous for – but when justice and fairness are at stake you’d be wise to have her on your side. ‘When someone’s privacy has been genuinely infringed, or when children are involved, I feel really strongly about that’, she says. Afia acted in one of the biggest privacy cases of recent years – that of ‘PJS’ – which forbade the Sun on Sunday and the rest of the UK press from detailing a celebrity threesome, despite extensive international and online coverage. ‘The argument was that because the information was available in America and online, it was pointless to maintain an injunction in England,’ she told Spear’s. ‘Had that argument won at the Supreme Court, it would have been the end of practical privacy protection in this country. It would have meant that anybody could take private information, publish it online or in a magazine in America, and then say the British press can print it because it can’t be contained any more. That would have been really worrying.’