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Jason Stather-Lodge

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Jason Stather-Lodge
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In the view of Jason Stather-Lodge, clients are more financially aware and cost-conscious than ever before. ‘Sometimes they know the cost of everything and value of nothing,’ he says matter-of-factly. But OCM prides itself on driving its costs down. ‘In many ways, delivering more for less has been a motto,’ he explains.

A former engineer in the forces, Stather-Lodge set up OCM after stints at RBS and Ernst & Young. His clients get a personalised service. ‘I’ve never turned my phone off on holiday because I’m terrified a client won’t be able to get hold of me,’ he says, adding: ‘Your clients become your children in a way. You put them first.’

OCM offers end-to-end financial planning, a taxation service and an in-house discretionary fund manager (DFM) model portfolio service. It is a privately owned family business, which, Stather-Lodge says, allows him to put clients first: ‘As a result, we have grown over the last 14 years primarily based on referrals from happy clients.’

It continues to grow organically at a strong and sustainable pace, but in such a way that ensures the culture remains focused on protecting existing clients ahead of getting new ones.

Over the past 15 years, the multiple services have evolved from a bespoke independent financial advisory service, with tax planning integrated, to now include a full DFM service all for a single fee, avoiding VAT.