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Jane Sydenham
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Jane Sydenham is in confident mood when Spear’s catches up with her: ‘Despite ongoing political and economic uncertainties, we have had a positive first quarter, with our operating income in the first quarter increasing 13.1 per cent compared to Q1 2018.’

The part-time broadcaster (Sydenham appears regularly on Wake Up to Money on BBC Five Live) attributes her success to a thoughtful investment approach. With clients expressing concern about responsible capitalism, Rathbones has reacted swiftly. ‘We are examining how we bring the most tangible ESG risks and opportunities further within the scope of our investment and stewardship activities,’ she says.

Even so, this sort of smart thinking must be undertaken in opposition to the prevailing difficulties regarding populism, particularly in Europe. Sydenham observes: ‘While there are some great individual companies in Europe, the overall picture is one of pretty slow growth – so stock selection is key.’

Indeed, Sydenham commits to a long-term approach. ‘If we are doing our job properly we should be looking after two or three or four generations of one family for over 20 or 30 years,’ she says. ‘It’s about sitting alongside your client and going through life with them.’