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James de Broë-Ferguson


James de Broë-Ferguson
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While James de Broë-Ferguson is a reluctant interviewee (‘I don’t particularly like talking about myself’), the Investec investment director is well known in the industry for his loyal client base and gracious good humour, as well as attention to detail and client service. His business involves the management of predominantly discretionary portfolios on behalf of private individuals, their pensions, trusts, charities and private family unit trusts. ‘The most important thing over the last few years has been one of steady and common-sense decisions – quite clearly the dangers out there are political – and the political impacting the economic,’ he says. Right now the biggest risk to his client’s capital is the possibility of a hard-left government, he adds. ‘It’s not something we can just ignore and hope will disappear. Constant communication between client and wealth manager is essential, especially when it comes to making contingency plans. Our goal is always capital preservation and continued purchasing power over time in real terms, as well as trying to deliver outright growth. It’s very important to manage expectations of risk versus reward, expected returns and volatility’s part in this, particularly in light of its current level.’