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James Campbell- Johnston

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James Campbell- Johnston
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‘I believe in the old investment principles, and they remain unchanged,’ says Brewin Dolphin investment director James Campbell-Johnston. He’s clear on what those are: ‘You have highquality, well-diversified assets, you hold them for the long term, and you have a very good understanding of everything you hold.’

One of Brewin Dolphin’s most experienced investment hands, the former army captain joined the firm in 2000 after managing investment portfolios for private clients at Williams de Broe (he was part of the team that moved to Brewin Dolphin) and selling UK equities to institutions while at Panmure Gordon.

Erudite and approachable, he’s equally clear that a good wealth manager doesn’t just need to know their stocks backwards. ‘We like spending as much time with clients as we possibly can – that’s the best way to run a business, and the best way of reducing risk,’ he says. ‘See them regularly, meet them regularly, hold their hand in the tough times. You need to make sure their needs are fully appreciated and understood – stick with those principles and you shouldn’t go too far wrong.’

There’s no ‘secret formula’, he says, despite the impressions left by some wealth managers: ‘Just sensible, well thought-out, well-tested principles that have been used for a long time through many different market cycles, and I see no reason why they shouldn’t continue to work.’