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Russell is the prodigy (and son) of the esteemed Alan Russell, the man who founded the company 37 years ago. He had initially flirted with the idea of entering the art world, but something drew him into property, where he has thrived alongside his father and three siblings. Seven years’ experience has recently earned him the position of director in residential sales:

‘It seems to be in the blood,’ he says. ‘It seems to be an emerging pattern in the family.’

Russell is composed when asked about the firm’s performance in 2015. ‘In juxtaposition to what the market’s done, we’ve had a better year than we did in 2014,’ he says, alluding to their success in the £5-8 million market. Operating from a quiet residential building in Chelsea instead of a large shop front Russell says, has been a great strength, which has led to many off-market transactions.

There’s a great chemistry between the family team, Russell says. ‘The nature of the property industry is so enormously competitive, it’s us as a team up against our competition and up against the market. It tends to forge a stronger bond rather than anything else — it seems to just work.’

It is this bond, perhaps, that attracts clients and peers alike, according to one agent: ‘As a niche firm, they are a delight to work with — they have an inexhaustible energy without demonstrating an ounce of arrogance.’