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Ian Barnard

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Ian Barnard
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‘Business has been very good in the last year, characterised by good investment performance and additional families choosing to join us,’ says Ian Barnard in the no-nonsense, authoritative manner that existing clients will be familiar with – and fond of. Barnard was in the army and the diplomatic service before he became one of CapGen’s three founding partners alongside Khaled Said and Charlotte Thorne.

He has since become known for a rigorous approach that underpins the firm’s investment process. He meets every single manager on CapGen’s platform and has in-depth knowledge of the strategies at play in each fund. He chairs the firm’s investment committee and leads its direct investment advisory business, where he brings to bear his extensive investment networks and direct investment experience.

Barnard observes of the current market: ‘There continues to be strong interest in investing and owning private assets, particularly private companies.’ On CapGen’s approach to portfolios, he says: ‘Asset allocations vary from client to client, but let me describe a few things we don’t have. We have very little credit exposure and no levered credit. We are underweight to the big tech names. We avoid EM private equity.’