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‘Never has it been more important within professional services to have a clear idea of what you can, and can’t offer,’ says Iain Younger,  Frank Hirth’s director, who believes in concise and honest advice, especially in the complex US-UK tax landscape where specialist knowledge is of particular importance. He warns that he has recently seen cases where ‘the dangers of “dabbling”’ have been ‘very evident’.

US-UK advice is an area where Younger adds particular value for HNWs, especially at a time when transparency regimes such as FATCA and CRS continue to cause headaches. ‘They have certainly led to many cases of non-compliance being unearthed, but also cases of incomplete or incorrect compliance, where the complexities of the international space, both US and UK, are not a core focus,’ he explains to Spear’s.

Younger advises on ‘a full range of issues’, from income tax through to death taxes, for an ‘eclectic’ and ‘increasingly global’ client base. Nevertheless, he is concerned that the importance of the non-dom community is not quite understood in the UK, particularly since George Osborne took over as chancellor. ‘This has certainly led to discussions with clients as to whether the UK remains the right place for them,’ he confides.

The landscape has certainly made Younger’s job harder. ‘Our focus is to allow clients to live the life they want to live, in the country they want to live in,’ he says.