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Helen Watson

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Helen Watson
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Helen Watson has spent more than 25 years in the industry, including the past eight years as managing director at Rothschild Wealth Management. This means she has enough experience to face down threats, whether they be to her industry or the wider market.

Last year Alexandre de Rothschild took over chairman duties from his father – a transition that Watson believes will only strengthen the firm, which is in its seventh generation of Rothschild family leadership.

Nor do changes in the industry worry Watson. Even as the threat of automation persists, she remains sanguine: robo-advisers lack the personal touch she and her team offer for clients who ‘are looking to us to preserve and grow the real value of their wealth – rather than make them a second fortune and potentially give them sleepless nights’.

Watson and her team have avoided any defensive positioning which might have left them ‘stranded if markets rally’. She is still optimistic and looks forward to some ‘overdue’ uptick in volatility. It is this rare combination of sharp opportunity-spotting and the ability to put temporary turbulence into perspective that makes Watson such a compelling choice of wealth manager.