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Helen Gammons

HSBC Private Bank

Helen Gammons
Wealth Managers 2018
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Helen Gammons has an infectious enthusiasm for her work: ‘I fell into something I understood – I think finance is a language and once you get it, it’s wonderful. I’m not the stereotypical banker. That helps me with the next generation.’

Gammons has an impressive client list of media UHNWs – many of them household names, although of course she can’t say who they are (‘Absolutely not, although I’d love to!’) – as well as successful authors, actors and film directors. ‘I feel at home with this client base,’ she says, adding that the music industry is a business which ‘we totally understand’.

She is also very interested in clients’ philanthropic activity. ‘Sometimes they’ve had zero exposure to a cause and seen something that has triggered an emotional response. Sometimes there’s been something in the family several generations back,’ she says. ‘It’s really varied work. Some clients want to give back into the profession; others want to give scholarships for people to enter the industry. It’s so personal.’

Gammons also notes that many clients enjoy getting involved in discussing their wealth. ‘That’s how relationships get formed – they’re never going to forget the person who first explained something complicated to them.’