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Guy Paterson

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Guy Paterson
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Guy Paterson is the quintessential ‘client partner’ who is able to offer ‘nimble, client-focused and conflict-free’ advice to the growing number of entrepreneurial UK families he looks after.

‘That’s the joy of it,’ he says of working within a ‘large boutique’. ‘We are able to add value to clients’ lives in a way that is simply not possible in the institutional investment market.’

The performance justifies the business model, too. Paterson, a partner and portfolio manager, has seen a 25 per cent increase in AUM, with an ‘exceptional’ amount of double-digit returns over two successive years. However, he spends a lot of time preparing for a ‘market downside’, seeing that Brexit is looming and the economy is faced with a political opposition that is ‘thoroughly inimical to the preservation of wealth’.

The former head of client advisory at Guinness Mahon and Granville Baird believes in forward planning to counter the ‘broader risk’: ‘We are taking a lot of steps at the moment to try to mitigate the political risk, organise client assets in a way that their exposure can be reduced as far as possible.’

Wealth is not Paterson’s only talent. He can take on complex investments thanks to his accountancy experience, as well as ten years in corporate finance.