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Guy Meacock
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Guy Meacock of Prime Purchase is brimming with positivity when Spear’s calls. Following news that 2018 saw a 30 per cent uplift in new client registrations, he adds: ‘Our average deal size, deals done, and all the financials were up, but the key driver was that we did a number of large deals that weren’t there in the same way in 2017. That said, we did a great spread of business at all levels, so a healthy market in our humble opinion!’ Now into his 14th year at Prime Purchase, Meacock adds: ‘It was a very strong year. We’re all chipper here. Hoping for more of the same – but it is a difficult world to forecast. Last year we transacted on a number of sizeable deals in both London and the country and that seems to have made the difference.’ He says the twin uncertainties of Brexit and stamp duty have not only created the need for a guiding hand through the market, but also thrown up significant opportunities for ‘those brave enough to swim against the tide’. Being part of the Savills group, and the only buying agent in the country with ISO accreditation, comes with its associated compliance burden, but equally he says: ‘This not only demonstrates the rigour with which we conduct ourselves but also underlines the credibility of clients we represent.’