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‘It was our 15th anniversary at the end of last year,’ says Guy Meacock, ‘so we’re quite a young business.’ The firm was originally set up by Savills, the first of the major agents to set up its own buying side.
Things have gone from strength to strength in spite of a few glitches in the market. Savills was initially ‘beaten hard’ for setting up the buying side, Meacock says, but today it gives him access to the impressive Savills network and its vast range of expertise, which the agent ‘values enormously’.
Personable and full of good cheer, Meacock is nevertheless frank about the number of independents in the industry. ‘There are plenty who buy and sell, which has muddied the waters of what a buying agent was intended to do. To act for a buyer one day, then represent them on their sale a few years down the line, deprives a traditional selling agent of their past client stock-in-trade.  As a result, the flow of information to these firms tends to be constrained, estate agents taking some kind of karmic retribution on those would-be poachers turned gamekeepers’ he explains.
Meacock’s approach is highly ethical: ‘We are the only buying agent to be ISO-accredited – we’re more efficient, better supported and altogether a more transparent business than if we were a boutique or one-man band,’ he says.
‘You’ve got be a bit chameleon-like in this role,’ he adds. ‘You’ve got to adapt to whoever’s sitting across your desk.’