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Greg Limb
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Greg Limb heads up KPMG’s private client team, where he operates in landscapes of ‘tremendous wealth creation’, with HNW clients in the Middle East, Russia, the US and Europe.

Limb, who had a stint as an adviser to HMRC during his 25-plus years in tax, became a partner at KPMG in 2008, having joined in 1997. Clients include individuals, family offices, entrepreneurs and private equity advisers, whom he advises on personal tax issues.

He also advises a ‘large range’ of UK and non-UK trusts and their beneficiaries on UK tax affairs, playing an ‘instrumental’ role in the creation of many of them.

Renowned for his proactive and innovative approach to tackling tax planning, Limb focuses on ‘the ability to solve rather than create problems’. He has previously told Spear’s he is looking forward to the prospect of the ‘great wealth transfer’ to the next generation.

Rather than simplifying the complexity of the UK’s tax regulation, he is an advocate of ‘harmonising’ the rules instead: ‘We are a long way off bringing tax codes and tax rules together across jurisdictions.’ However, he hopes ‘considerable progress’ in the CRS will lead to a marked increase in global disclosures to tax authorities.