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Greg Limb
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‘The past 12 months have been about preparing for the unexpected,’ says KPMG’s busy head of private client, nearly two years into the role. Greg Limb has been helping his network of global clients navigate the uncertain world of tax. ‘A large part of our work has been in helping [them] make sense of what the future could look like.’

Limb, who specialises in looking after entrepreneurs and family offices, operates, he has previously told us, in a landscape of ‘tremendous wealth creation’. More recently, he has seen the impact of the ‘great wealth transfer’ materialising, as assets are handed down the generations. ‘This is playing out against a backdrop of pretty fundamental and seismic issues affecting intergenerational wealth,’ he says.

While many advisers call for tax simplification, Limb stresses that the debate around ‘harmonising’ the rules is far more important. ‘We are a long way off bringing tax codes and tax rules together across jurisdictions,’ he says. However, he does hope that ‘considerable progress’ in the CRS will lead to a marked increase in global disclosures to tax authorities.

The former HMRC adviser, who has been a partner at KPMG since 2008, spends a typical week scrutinising the mechanics of business, debating matters with the tax authorities and advising on ‘life-changing’ matters for clients. Away from work, Limb enjoys travel, Leeds United and pilates.