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Graeme Kleiner
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Top Six Contentious Trust Lawyers

Graeme Kleiner, head of contentious trusts and estates at Charles Russell Speechlys, ‘really knows his stuff and is fantastically good at soothing troubled waters’, according to one industry colleague. Department colleagues receive equally high praise from a loyal clientele, who recognise the firm’s status as one of the very best private client law firms in Britain.

Kleiner trained in the contentious trusts and estates group at Withers, where he became partner before being recruited by Speechly Bircham to head up its contentious trusts and estates practice. He has been running the contentious trusts team at Charles Russell Speechlys since the firms merged in 2014.

Recent cases for the expert in both domestic and international trust and succession disputes have involved parties located in multiple onshore and offshore jurisdictions. In addition, he has a growing practice in IFA disputes and handles fraud and professional negligence cases relating to trust, tax and succession matters.

HMRC is becoming disproportionately aggressive
in its tax investigations, says Kleiner, ‘viewing any form of tax avoidance as near tax evasion.’
His view on the inheritance tax system, which is under review, is also unequivocal. ‘If possible, abolish it and look at alternative and more effective tax-raising measures,’ he suggests.