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Gideon Benaim
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‘We want to focus on the law side and work with the best comms people there are,’ says Gideon Benaim, speaking to Spear’s on the eve of winning Case of the Year at the Spear’s Wealth Management Awards.

This was bestowed for his landmark battle on behalf of Sir Cliff Richard in his case against the BBC and the South Yorkshire Police. The High Court ruled that the BBC infringed the singer’s privacy in its reporting of a surprise police raid on his home in 2014. Richard was awarded £210,000 damages and £850,000 on account of legal costs.

‘It was a case of being in the eye of the storm,’ recalls Benaim. ‘On the day the search happened, we only found out about it once the police had arrived on the scene.’

You can see his empathy for the client: ‘Once the cat’s out the bag it doesn’t matter that four years later that you win a court case. What you want is a valuable pre-emptive ability to stop something.’

One contemporary praises Benaim’s handling of ‘all aspects of the case… especially given its implications and importance.’ Benaim says: ‘A lot of our advice is not about the strict letter of the law – it involves a broader element. Sometimes these are not black and white decisions.’