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Gideon Benaim
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‘Preparation and prevention is the best way to deal with things, as it’s much harder once the cat’s out of the bag,’ says Gideon Benaim, the star turn at Simkins, referring to a fraught media environment. It’s certainly working for him: Benaim has a host of corporate clients, as well as entertainment and sports clients, and relishes the varied work: ‘It doesn’t matter whether we’re in a recession or the opposite, it seems that we need both lawyers and managers.’ Any frustrations in the job? ‘What’s frustrating with improper behaviour is that everything is grouped together. Some are serious, such as rape, and others are stupid comments, and they’re treated as the same. The same atmosphere of scandal surrounds each story.’ Benaim also says the tax landscape is changing rapidly. ‘In the past, evasion – ie illegal behaviour – would be the newsworthy thing. Now it doesn’t matter that it’s all legitimate, it’s all to do with how a given situation is perceived morally.’ Sections of the media, he adds, ‘would like everyone to pay 45 or 50 per cent tax on everything for ever’. Benaim is busier than ever: ‘I’m getting referrals from other firms, not just because they’re conflicted, but they can’t handle things because they’re so busy.’