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For one of London’s best-known privacy and reputation lawyers, the past year has been busier than ever, as social media platforms – Facebook in particular – found themselves facing government scrutiny. Spear’s catches Gerrard Tyrrell reflecting on an ‘enormous period of turmoil’, not just in the UK but in America, Europe and Asia.

Tyrrell tells Spear’s that the increased effect of regulation and inquiries has led to a multiplicity of legal issues being raised, with one spotlight moving towards exposing how the large social media platforms and others are using private information.

However, he adds that although there’s ‘much work to be done in this regard’, he’s positive that ‘Congress and Parliament [are] now waking up to the topic’. The 2017 Spear’s Outstanding Achievement Award winner, known to represent the Royal Family, has warned in the past that ‘harassment’ and ‘selected hacking’ of home computers and companies has dramatically increased.

However, changes to the way data is stored have been pushed through and Tyrrell says the true ‘effects of the GDPR’ have been felt at every level of European society and well beyond. These should, he adds, ‘ in theory lead to a sea change in the way in which data is collected, used and stored’.