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As you’d expect, the 2017 Spear’s Outstanding Achievement Award winner has had another busy year. ‘From the UK perspective, the two most important things in the last year have been the re-emergence of defamation as a big issue, and the acceptance now of data protection issues. It’s become a big cause of action in its own right,’ says Gerrard Tyrrell. Responding quickly to problems is crucial: ‘By the time you’ve ended up in court you’re probably too late and you’re dealing with a tarnished reputation: the real art is in making sure that never happens in the first place.’ Tyrrell began as a media and entertainment litigator, before his caseload expanded: for instance, he represented Virgin Atlantic when it sued British Airways over a ‘dirty tricks’ campaign. He has also won privacy and copyright cases for the royal family. ‘Ultimately a good lawyer is someone you go to who can analyse a problem and actually come up with a solution that the client wants,’ he says. ‘It’s an art’. He also exhibits empathy over what his hacking victim clients go through: ‘Sometimes the hackers have tons of material; certain parts of it are filtered out, then published out of context on the basis of public interest. That’s got to be sorted out,’ he tells Spear’s.