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Geoff Wilford
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‘Prime central London is timeless — people will always want to live here,’ says Wilford. ‘It’s definitely a tough market — there’s so many estate agents in central London competing for what appears to be an ever-smaller number of transactions each year. But this is a market where the good agents show themselves against the bad agents.’

Wilford and his team of west-central London specialists have enjoyed a record year in both sales and rentals — despite a ‘tough’ market — with Wilford personally totalling £30 million over twenty sales. Between 2006 and 2009, he personally sold over £200 million-worth of property, much of it in the Caribbean — the highlight being the deal with a FTSE 100 CEO who after five minutes asked if he could put the $8.5 million deposit on his black Amex.

Wilford has more than justified the move back to the Big Smoke, having bought out his investors after only three years and continuing to rent out top-end apartments for approximately £20,000 a week.

One client, who was given short shrift by their own law firm, credited Wilford’s ‘lawerly skills’ in making his sale run smoothly. But perhaps his biggest endorsement came from the firm’s first sale in 2011: ‘We said, “Pay us what you think we’re worth. You can give us a pound, a full fee or a bottle of red wine,”’ Wilford previously told Spear’s. The client parted with £80,000, saying Wilford was ‘worth his weight in gold’.

A recent client relocating to London from Los Angeles was equally effusive: ‘Geoff was both thorough and patient… [his] sensitive demeanour and professionalism made what could have been an overwhelming transition a smooth and relaxed process.’