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A property millionaire and TV star in his own right after featuring in BBC2’s Under Offer, Hersham boasts about transactions worth £559 million in 2015, the flagship being a single Mayfair property sold for £85 million.

More thrilling to Hersham is his new transatlantic partnership with ultra-prime agent Leslie J Garfield in New York. ‘We have agreed a major transaction which should happen in the next few weeks, we’re very excited about that,’ he says. ‘They really came out of the blue as a firm that are very similar to us.’ The collaboration would give Leslie J Garfield access to properties in Europe, and Hersham a slice of America’s East Coast.

With offices in Mykonos, Cannes and Florence, Hersham worries that the stamp duty rise on second homes will be off-putting for some international clients: ‘I for one believe that the strategy is wrong.’ He says the government’s attempt to bring UK tax up to European standards will fall short, considering London’s cosmopolitan appeal.

London is, says Hersham, ‘one of the only cities in the world where it truly has an international gathering of people, and their spend power on everything will be curtailed if they don’t come here regularly. They don’t buy, they won’t spend.’