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A stalwart of the Spear’s property index, Gary Hersham’s numbers consistently astound. But the Beauchamp boss might have topped even his own remarkable record with the brokering of the UK’s most expensive home: the 45-room, seven-storey 2-8a Rutland Gate.

The Knightsbridge property was reportedly sold to Chinese billionaire Cheung Chung-kiu for north of £200 million, far exceeding the previous record of £140 million for a UK house.

Hersham confirms involvement but is unable to reveal anything more (see page 18). Thankfully, he’s got plenty more besides to talk about. The firm was involved in the sale of ‘several trophy assets both in London and abroad’ during 2019, he says. The firm’s transactions included penthouse flats at £50 million, and it was ‘instrumental in introducing clients to mega funding deals’.

With more than 40 years in the game, Hersham is a true property specialist. He speaks seven languages and is well versed in the art of catering to billionaire buyers. His book of clients features Russia and the Middle East, and the firm has number of global offices in New York, Mykonos, Cannes and Florence.

No wonder he’s ebullient about the future. ‘I believe that since a Corbyn government is now no longer on the cards, London returns to its former status of being a world-class safe haven,’ he posits.