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Gary Hersham
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Many in the property world may be undergoing a whirlwind of emotions due to Brexit uncertainty, but Gary Hersham, true to his nature, is unfazed. Transactions are steadily on track at Beauchamp Estates, its founder assures us. Hersham speaks to Spear’s barely weeks after completing hisbiggest single transaction of 2018: a family house in Belgrave Square worth £50 million. He casually mentions another £40 million-plus sale completed in the same month, adding that the rest of Beauchamp’s branches (in Marylebone, Herzliya, New York, Mykonos and Cannes) are ‘doing very well’. Hersham speaks seven languages and is well versed in the art of catering to billionaire buyers. ‘Whatever they want they have to have,’ he says, pointing out that the cash-rich are often time-poor. ‘They are used to being able to access and have things that ordinary people do not, in a manner that is convenient for them,’ he says. ‘Their approach to property is not hugely different.’ Hersham hopes to achieve sales close to £800 million in Beauchamp’s London offices, whatever the political weather. He still believes in ‘never giving up’. ‘I never like to lose a lead or a sale – any sale,’ he remarks.