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Fiona Shackleton
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Fiona Shackleton is a phenomenon – ‘probably the greatest family lawyer of all time’, according to one observer. This sounds like a huge endorsement, but for once the hype is justified. She’s known for her kindness (she remembers the birthdays of everyone in the firm) and Spear’s can report that she’s also an excellent lunch companion. Though she doesn’t drink herself, she fills up your glass for you, and even offers a parting gift of chocolates before dashing off to receive the freedom of the City. ‘I’ve never known someone who can light up a room like Fiona,’ says fellow partner Dominic Crossley. Indeed, there is a razzmatazz about her which is full of harmless good fun – Spear’s notes a lizard brooch on her shoulder during their lunch – and makes her a natural fit for celebrity cases. Clients include the Duke of Sussex and Duke of Cambridge, as well as Prince Charles and Paul McCartney. Lately, Shackleton – who also sits in the House of Lords as the Baroness of Belgravia – has been active on her latest initiative, the Shackleton Relationships Project, in concert with Exeter University, her alma mater. This is a ten-point plan which seeks to educate couples in what to think about before entering into marriage.