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Edward Goodchild
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Edward Goodchild has seen the financial industry from almost every perspective during his post-military career. So it is with absolute authority he observes that most bankers simply ask: ‘So, Mr or Mrs Client, how many of product Y would you like?’ rather than thinking about whether that product will be good for them.

This frustration with the industry led to the creation of Chawker & Co, the firm Goodchild started in 2011. He says that managers of capital are always interested in ‘the mechanisation’ of the process to satisfy compliance departments that all customers are being treated equally.

Chawker is based on the idea that clients being treated equally does not mean they are treated fairly. If ‘investment is a mix of art and science’, Goodchild is a master of the art as well as the science, billing himself as an ‘investment and wealth manager’ to stress the point that he is interested in creating individual portfolios for each client. He instructs his staff to think about every client meeting as if the client were saying: ‘Don’t tell me what you want to tell me, tell me what I need to know.’

And Goodchild walks the walk. He is one of the few wealth managers who charges by time, not by assets, and so has no minimum stake requirement.