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Edward Goodchild
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‘Our schools of thought are massively complementary,’ says Edward Goodchild of his new hire, Guy Christie. ‘We were fund managers together a long, long time ago, so I knew we’d be a good fit.’

Chawker, which Goodchild set up in 2011, works by sourcing the best discretionary wealth managers for each client. ‘We

often get new clients because people are unhappy with their current setups. Normally people have tried to do it themselves and found the process to be overwhelming or unsatisfactory.’

The feedback he gets from clients speaks for itself. One reads: ‘Edward Goodchild has established himself as a leading “go to” family office adviser, confident with a broad cross- section of clients, untrammelled by products or politics and, where it’s needed, unafraid to speak with genuine candour.’

Goodchild deplores the lack of transparency in the industry and is one of the few wealth managers who charge by time, not by assets, and thus he has no minimum stake requirement. He says of his eclectic mix of clients: ‘Some of them know exactly what they need, and indeed they are correct. Some of them think they know what they need and they may be completely wrong. It’s all about being a trusted adviser.’