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Edward Campbell-Johnston
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Edward Campbell-Johnston shares both good and bad news with Spear’s when asked about the performance of the AIM portfolios he heads for Sarasin.

‘AIM saw its worst performance in a decade within the final quarter,’ he reveals. This called for more defensive strategies, which he says is a more mature approach. The increased scrutiny has resulted in AIM stocks, which are now more populous than the UK’s main market, being filtered through the lens of ESG. ‘I don’t know if it makes us unique, but it certainly puts us in a minority,’ he explains.

‘One thing to bear in mind is that there are now more mature companies on AIM which are leaders, or certainly in the top rank in their respective industries,’ he observes. ‘It’s not just about the small fly-by-night start-ups. One can actually gain access to one or two larger, much more mature companies, one or two of which are quoted in the main market and would actually qualify for inclusion in the FTSE 100.’

He takes the view that certain ‘sinful companies’, such as carbon-emitting ones, should not be ruled out from portfolios entirely. Experience has taught him that HNWs can make a difference by steering companies towards ‘better practices’.

‘It’s better to be in the tent trying to drive change than sitting outside, hoping for a change,’ he says. ‘You don’t have a vote, you don’t have a voice.’