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When Spear’s catches up with Ed Tryon at 5 Hertford Street, he mentions that he’s a few books into discovering PG Wodehouse. But his portfolio is more new-build than Wodehousian at the moment.

‘It’s extremely seldom you’ll find somebody for whom both schools of thought will appeal: the traditional townhouse and newly built apartments,’ he explains. ‘That [new-build] market is one I’ve really focused on since 2011. I’ve bought nearly £200 million off-plan, which puts me top of the league tables.’

That’s driven by client demand. Tryon says he’s yet to be asked for a house on seven floors: he notes that many French clients have come in (‘We’re eternally grateful to Monsieur Hollande’), and new builds resonate with his international client base. ‘In the absence of the perfect option you have to look laterally, metaphorically and literally,’ he says. ‘Supply is so incredibly finite, it’s like Old Master paintings: the penthouse at 20 Grosvenor Square which I acquired two years ago for a client, that’s going to be the most desirable address in London. Finchatton have been putting up incredible numbers there.’

Despite Theresa May losing her majority, Brexit and stamp duty woes, Tryon says ‘people need somewhere to live’. His main worry is Corbyn: ‘It would make Brexit look like a walk in the park. Even if he did half of the things he’d like to do, it would put us back.’